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Swiss Aesthetics to Enhance Beauty

The EdeS Vision

Premium Swiss Treatments to Rejuvenate Asian Skin

Founders Story

In 1990, I brought technologically advanced Swiss Skincare to Asia because I saw the great business potential for efficacious Beauty Solutions in Asia.

Today, the Beauty and Wellness industry is one of the fastest-growing industries and Asia is the largest Consumer Market in the world.

Mr. Edward Wong is the founder and owner of Esth’EdeS Institute International Inc. developer and distributor of EdeS trademarked Professional Beauty and Wellness Products and operator of EdeS Spas. Edward entered the Beauty and Wellness industry as a distributor of Beauty products in 1986 and developed the EdeS business with a partner in Switzerland in 1990.

Edward is a passionate stakeholder in the Beauty and Wellness industry. He has been a prominent contributor to the industry since 2006 including leadership in the following organizations:

  • President of the Day Spa Association – Asia Chapter from 2006-2009
  • Director of Asia-Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition from 2009 to 2019 (served as Hon. Treasurer twice)
  • Ambassador of Global Wellness Day from 2016 to 2021
  • Executive Council member of SWAS since 2011, President since 2017 (Current)
  • Country Leader of Asia-Pacific Hairdressers & Cosmetologists Association from 2017 (Current)
  • Member of Panel of Judges, Asia Spa Awards from 2017 to 2019

Edward is now semi-retired from his Beauty & Wellness business but is offering his knowledge and skills as a Business Advisor and Management Consultant to entrepreneurs and SMEs in the Wellness, Retail, and Service industries. He is a Certified Management Consultant and a member of the Singapore Institute of Management Consultants. He is also a Registered Management Consultant for grants under Enterprise Singapore.

Academically, Edward holds an MBA and other qualifications in Business Management, Professional Development, and Complementary Therapy. He is also a developer, trainer, and assessor of Pearson BTEC and other accredited Vocational courses.